Win An iPhone For Better Online Protection On The Move

Installing some kind of spam blocker for smartphones is a big necessity these days. With heaps of junk email, SMS, and unwanted calls, users need to block these so as not to waste precious time. Learn how to use the apps on your smartphones, the extensions to use with your email clients and other strategies to get rid of unwanted spam. Know that you can protect yourself without burning a hole in your pocket.

Check out these spam blockers for smartphones and see which ones work best for you.

For Android

Pune-based Optinno Mobitech has a SMS blocker app for android. This comes free for Android smartphones in the market and compared with other spam blockers, it has a built in database for spammers that will automatically block spam. This app quietly and effectively works in the background, filtering your text messages upon arrival. When it’s considered a spam, it cannot get through. Don’t worry about losing legitimate messages once in a while because you can always check the blocked messages if any of them went past this.

For Blackberry

Blackberry phones aren’t so common any more, but for those who still have their old phones it’s worth covering. They have built in firewalls that can be switched off by default. You can activate it by going to options, then security, then firewall. You may enable your firewall for text or emails, but don’t forget to scroll down ‘contacts’ under the ‘exceptions’ to make sure your contacts will not be blocked. You can also customize it manually for important message such as bank alerts, messages from mobile providers, among others.

For Symbian

Nokia Symbian phones also have sms blocker app but it’s expensive. There are trial offers available so just check out their website. These apps include white list for calls, SMS spam manager, and SMS and call filter.

On Complete Mobile Security

There is firewall app and complete security available for Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry in the form of KMS 9. It costs about thirty bucks a year per phone per year to protect users from attacks ad malware. You can also opt to encrypt contents of your phone, track your lost phone, or remove all data from your lost phone to avoid being used. You can also restrict SMS and calls or block them all together.

On Calls

Everyone hates unsolicited calls. Others try to minimize this by getting on the Do Not Disturb list. However, even these subscribers are not free from nosy telemarketers. For those who want to put a stop to this for the last time, use a call blacklist for your phone. By using this app, decide which numbers you want blocked for good so they won’t be able to bother you again.

For Apple iPhone

iPhones don’t really have a dedicated blacklist app out of the box, but if you have jail broken iPhones, then something can still be done. iBlacklist can work on jail broken iPhones since Apple has posed several restrictions. You can use functionalities such as SMS and call blocking and you have the option of creating your own white list and blacklist. You have the option to create and use these lists all at the same time as well as set up your auto reply SMS. As iPhones enjoy by far the widest support in the world, they will continue to have more apps, and that’s why we give them our highest recommendation for spam blocking.

If you’re yet to join the Apple movement, don’t fret. Whatever smartphone you’re using, whether you have free apps or paid for features, the important thing is that it serves its primary purpose, which is to give you maximum protection against spam. Good if it’s just a nuisance, but remember, spam can go to great lengths, compromising the safety of the user as well as cause severe damage to your expensive phone. So before it’s too late, be smart and look for the best spam blocker for smartphones for your own protection.