Child Safety Tops The Coalition Priorities

Protecting our children has long been a priority for governments across the world, whether that’s physically protecting them from harm, or giving them the education they need to thrive and give themselves the best life possible.

For our first campaign, the coalition are looking forward to working with local suppliers to improve the safety of the youngest members of our society, making sure that they’re as well watched over during their transition from babies into active toddlers.

One of our campaign mission pledges before the election was to improve the access to education for all children, but we’re now going a step further and taking an active interest in helping parents give their children the best chances from birth.

To do that, we’ve enlisted the help of the experts from manufacturers to advise new and prospective parents with the best video baby monitor reviews on the planet. These clever devices allow mums and dads to watch over their children while they sleep, letting the parents relax and watch from afar, while at the same time giving the children better supervision. As you’ll see on their website, there are some very cheap options available, including the MBP18 entry level video baby monitor which should be affordable to virtually all parents to buy.

Safety is something we all want for our families, and just as we wouldn’t leave the door wide open for people to wander in and find our children, there’s also very simple steps like these that we can take to really help our children be safe as houses!

Keep an eye on the site – we’ll soon be adding more information about what we’re doing to help children across the region!