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The Granite Falls Coalition Mission

Welcome to the new GFC website.

Here at GFC, we aim to challenge the current governing party and their coalition managing the Granite Falls area.

Our intention is to encourage and implement guidelines designed to prevent the current and future committees from assigning land within the park boundary to development, and in most cases any destruction of woodland or wild growth zones.

Over the previous twenty years, the rate of construction within our perimeter has tripled, meaning that we have lost a great deal more of our areas of natural beauty than necessary, in many cases against the guidance of the very specialist agencies that have been commissioned to highlight the disadvantages of planning applications.

Granite Falls must be proteted for future generations, both humans and animals who rely on the protection of our surroundings in order to continue our way of life.

Thank you for reading.

Warning: Mobile Phone Scams

It’s come to our attention that many of our communities are experiencing an increased number of scams targeting unsuspecting mobile phone users. If you get a call from an unknown number, or a phone number that you don’t recognise, be on your guard.

Increasingly, scammers seem to know more and more about you, so when they’re on the other end of the phone they can be incredibly convincing.

Banks are particularly common to be impersonated, so there are a few golden rules to remember. First and foremost, give out as little information as possible to a caller until you are completely you that you’re talking to who you think you’re talking to. If in doubt – just hang up. Banks know about the scams, so no matter how rude you feel, protecting your identity is always more important.

Once you’ve hung up – use a DIFFERENT phone to call the bank (or company) they claim to be from. Using the same phone could mean the person at the other end hasn’t hung up, so even though you’ve redialled, you’re still talking to them. Sadly, it’s a trick which is being used more and more, and in the confusion of the moment it’s easy to fall for. If you don’t have another phone available, try to use a friend or neighbours phone instead – it’s important to report it in case a scammer has managed to get the information they need from you without you realising.

Finally, if you do only have a landline, get a mobile phone for emergency use. It doesn’t have to be anything really expensive like an iPhone, a pay as you go handset from Argos will cost as little as £10. It’s also important for your safety and the safety of your family at difficult times, for example if you break down on the motorway to seek help.

Building Better Pre-School Care Facilities

Pre-school is said to be one of the places where children learn to react with the world, and learn the basics about how society works. Pre-schoolers tend to spend most of their time with mum and dad, but more and more parents are choosing to return to work before their children reach the age that formal schooling begins.

As a result, nurseries and other pre-school day care providers are covering those parents’ working hours. Where we’re starting to notice that the system is reaching capacity, is in the venues for childcare to operate. There are plenty of people that want to work in childcare, which is very important, as it’s difficult to make people that aren’t naturally incline to look after children interested in the vocation.

Last time we talked about technology and how it helps with keeping children safe using the example of video baby monitors, and how a Motorola MBP18 review demonstrates just how affordable that can be.

Today we’re talking about the buildings that house that technology. It’s essential that we start investing now in custom built premises that are designed to meet the needs of childcare. Rather than buying up existing properties and modifying them to meet the requirements of modern nurseries, it’s becoming cheaper to start from scratch and custom built bespoke buildings, demolishing old ones if required. Of course, that’s not cheap to do, and takes a considerable amount of time, but that’s why it’s now the time to start looking to begin these projects.

Where older daycare centres operated out of centres that we now consider not to be fit for purpose, we’re now looking to tradesmen who can quickly erect the necessary structures to be fitted out by specialist companies that solely kit out children’s daycare venues.

It’s actually getting more and more common to see teams of people arrive as soon as a building is finishes, carrying tins of bright paint, fitting soft play areas and even outdoor fenced playgrounds. As we said before, it’s a much more bespoke solution today – in other words a dedicated solution for each project.

That means that these specialist teams often include DIY experts in their own right, and it’s not an unusual sight to see male and female consultants consulting with the online Evolution chop saws reviewed on the web so they can start creating built in units to store the educational toys, or even fit fold up beds to the walls.

Good childcare is essential to allowing parents to get back to work, and in turn help the economy grow to a point where it will help those same mums and dads pay for their childcare. As with many things, there’s a lifecycle, and we need to be investing now to help future families enjoy the same luxuries. What’s more, research consistently shows how important pre-school education is to the future prospects of children, and how their peers that miss out on nursery education take a long time to catch up once formal education begins.

Child Safety Tops The Coalition Priorities

Protecting our children has long been a priority for governments across the world, whether that’s physically protecting them from harm, or giving them the education they need to thrive and give themselves the best life possible.

For our first campaign, the coalition are looking forward to working with local suppliers to improve the safety of the youngest members of our society, making sure that they’re as well watched over during their transition from babies into active toddlers.

One of our campaign mission pledges before the election was to improve the access to education for all children, but we’re now going a step further and taking an active interest in helping parents give their children the best chances from birth.

To do that, we’ve enlisted the help of the experts from manufacturers to advise new and prospective parents with the best video baby monitor reviews on the planet. These clever devices allow mums and dads to watch over their children while they sleep, letting the parents relax and watch from afar, while at the same time giving the children better supervision. As you’ll see on their website, there are some very cheap options available, including the MBP18 entry level video baby monitor which should be affordable to virtually all parents to buy.

Safety is something we all want for our families, and just as we wouldn’t leave the door wide open for people to wander in and find our children, there’s also very simple steps like these that we can take to really help our children be safe as houses!

Keep an eye on the site – we’ll soon be adding more information about what we’re doing to help children across the region!